Why Power Pages?

Add more power to your webpages

Power Pages provides you with rich, customizable templates, a fluid visual experience through a reimagined design studio, and a new, integrated learning hub to quickly build sites that suit your unique business needs. 

Benefits of Power Pages


No/Low-code website

Bring your pages to life using customizable themes and align them with your company’s brand. Choose from no-code components, including images, videos, lists, and business data forms. 



Start with the basic building blocks for your site—and easily customize each section or image—using a default template that includes page structures, navigation, and commonly used pages. 



Build your page once on a standard framework that automatically renders across all platforms—desktop or mobile.  


Easy to use designer experience

Simplified Portal Designer to customize content of your website using familiar Power App constructs like forms, views, charts and dashboards. 

Training: Power Pages In A Day

Take your first steps into a larger world. 

With Power Pages, every organization can build secure, low-code business websites that require zero technical expertise to set up. Take your first steps now with this hands-on training that will cover everything you need to get started.

Microsoft Power Pages in A Day training

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