Why Power Automate?

Automate business processes

When we think about automation into today’s modern world and how people operate, we can see how some of the best organizations are powered by strategic, creative people. They have a sense of vision that pulses through every part of the company. 

But the pressures of the modern business world combined with the tedious and repetitive daily tasks can bog down your smart, creative people and preventive them from more high-value/strategic work.

This is where Microsoft Power Automate can step in to streamline these repetitive tasks and business processes, so people can focus their attention where it's needed most.

Benefits of Power Automate


Boost productivity

Digitize ad-hoc pen and paper processes across personal and organizational workflows 


Reduce redundancy

Reduce redundant tasks and focus on more strategic work with desktop automation. 


Scale securely

Securely scale and integrate automation across your organization  
in the cloud. 


Automation is not an island

Leverage the One Microsoft Cloud so that automation is not an island. 

Training: Power Automate In A Day

Take your first steps into a larger world. 

Power Automate gives every organization the possibility to start automating repetitive tasks and business processes quickly with no technical expertise required. Start your journey now with this hands-on training.


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Training: Power Automate

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