Why Power BI?

Discover business insights

Create and foster a data-driven culture with business intelligence so everyone at every level of your organization can make confident decisions. Power BI builds a seamless bridge between data and decision making using up-to-date analytics and easy-to-understand reports.

Customers can visualize, secure and enrich vast amounts of data, enable faster and easier access to data and build intelligence into every process with a unified, self-service and enterprise-scale platform. 

Benefits of Power BI


Deliver fresh insights

Create and modify data reports and dashboards easily and share them securely across applications—providing new views for deeper insights. 


Use familiar tools

Apply the skills you already have from familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel to move from building to analyzing to presenting with less data prep.


App integration

Adopt analytics and reporting capabilities easily to embed interactive visuals quickly in your applications.


Secure reports

Set up automatic data refresh & rapidly publish reports, allowing all the users to get the latest information. 

Training: Dashboard In A Day

Take your first steps into a larger world.

Power BI provides organizations with a reliable business intelligence tool that can connect to over 100 data sources and consolidate it. It empowers every user to create meaningful visuals from the data that they have access to, and simplify their decision-making process.

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