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As one of the most passionate Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft 365 partners, Qubix has everything you need to build a successful modern workplace in your organisation. We help you discover all the valuable opportunities and define a concrete strategy. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner, we are always on top of upcoming changes.

Our consultants are experts in adapting the Microsoft cloud platforms to how your people work and have been following the strategy since the birth of the first digital workplace. They see evolutions and connections like no other and know the technology inside out. Our team is passionate, their spark can be felt all the way to our clients.


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Cloud technology, like our passion, knows no boundaries. As a part of the Oxygen Group, we can offer the full Dynamics 365 and Power Platform suite, both in terms of Business Applications and Modern Workplace. In this way, we combine the advantages of a medium-sized IT partner with those of a mature group.

Also, we are part of MiCronos, the Microsoft ecosystem within the Cronos Group and one of the most important Microsoft communities in Belgium. With which we have already won several Microsoft awards, including Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022 & 2023 and Solution Partner for Microsoft Cloud.

All this gives us access to an endless source of expertise!

Qubix, your trusted advisor

About the founders

Jonathan Zwijsen - Managing Partner

The idea behind Qubix came when Yannick and I were brought together from different consulting agencies and backgrounds. He with a more technical background and I rather sales oriented. But the passion was equally by both of us. We are very grateful that we got the support and the opportunity from Cronos to turn this idea into a company.

My enthusiasm and love for the Microsoft Cloud has been there for quite some time and continues to grow when I see what we can accomplish. It gives even more energy to solve customers' challenging project requests. With our "power-team", we can accomplish great things. We are a close-knit group of entrepreneurial people. All driven by the same passion.

Within this and a few years I see Qubix transitioning into a scale-up, we're already no longer a start-up. We believe in fusion development and see business getting more and more involved in IT projects, which offers great opportunities.

In order to keep the work-life balance somewhat intact, family and hobbies are hugely important. I go biking and walking regularly and also do enjoy board and card games. As a child I always played rugby, the interest remains. The energy and team spirit of rugby drives me in daily challenges.


Jonathan Zwijsen | Managing Partner Qubix

Yannick Reekmans - Managing Partner | Microsoft Solution Architect

Solving challenges has always driven and inspired me. With the interesting Microsoft technologies I enjoy it even more. Providing solutions to customers' sometimes complex and interesting requirements makes it very challenging and varied.

When I met Jonathan at a restaurant, where we were brought together to discuss a business idea, the plan to establish Qubix was born. We were on the same frequency and it clicked immediately which suddenly made it all go fast.

In the meantime, Qubix has grown into a great team of motivated and passionate colleagues. We highly value team spirit, and our trips and team-buildings are always legendary. The experiences and antics of summer weekends and conferences will be remembered forever.

In the next few years, we want Qubix to become the reference in Belgium in the field of Power Platform, with an even larger team of talented people. That's what we're aiming for.

Of course, Qubix is not my only passion. Besides the many conferences I travel to speak at, and the preparation involved, I occasionally read a book or play a board game. But of course, I also want to spend plenty of time with my family.

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Yannick Reekmans | Managing Partner Qubix

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