Qubix values

Sing your song

We give open feedback and challenge each other's opinions. That's how we come up with the best ideas.

Own your sh*t

No micromanagement. You decide how and when to work. The result is what matters, and how we get there together.

Be the spark

Positivity and fun, in everything we do. Also when sharing knowledge and providing that spark for IT to others.

Advantages of working at Qubix

Work hard Play hard_Light

Work hard, play hard

Going flat out for the job combined with a great vibe and fun! Besides our annual legendary team building abroad, together with Infront, we organize various team events including sports activities, drinks and family days.


Flexible working

Working 9 to 5 is long gone. We like a healthy work-life balance, so you can flexibly arrange your own working hours in consultation with your clients so that you can continue to enjoy coming to work.


Salary with extras

A fixed salary is obvious, but a company car, eco vouchers and good hospitalization insurance are also part of our package. We also take care of your cell phone subscription and group insurance. During your 31 days of leave, you can rest or be extra active.


Part of the Cronos Groep

As a member of the Cronos Group, one of Belgium's largest IT organizations, Qubix has a strong backbone of more than 5,000 IT consultants offering a wide range of services and technologies. As a result, we are flexible and can move quickly within each phase of your project. 

recruitment process

I applied, what can I expect?

Once we receive your resume and motivation letter, we will schedule an initial interview with you. We promise to respond quickly to your application. 

Before you officially start with us, there are a few steps we will take. First, you will have a meeting with our Talent Lead. Next, a second interview will be scheduled, this time with one of our managing partners. After that, we will prepare a proposal and you can sign the contract. During this time, we will also prepare for your onboarding and keep you updated with interim information.

On your first day with us, you will receive all the necessary information and be introduced to your colleagues, including your assigned "buddy." During the first few weeks, you will undergo training on Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, receive an introduction to project operations, and be supported by our Talent Lead. After the first quarter, we will hold a two-way feedback call to check in on your progress.

Personal growth is a priority for us, and we are committed to supporting you in achieving your professional goals. Every year, we hold an open feedback session to help determine your strengths and create a growth plan. You will receive support from our Managing Partners, Leads, and colleagues in achieving your goals. Finally, we will hold quarterly follow-up meetings to ensure your satisfaction and address any concerns you may have.

Our projects


Curious about the kind of solutions that we 've realized with the Microsoft Cloud technology? Take a look at our references. There are a few well-known names among them.


Let's work together

Turn great ideas into impactful solutions and let us bring your business ideas to life.