There are a million reasons you should be using Microsoft Teams, but let’s start with these three.

Teams is, according to some, the collaboration platform of the future. At Infront & Qubix we’re inclined to agree. Now before we start, what is this supposed digital utopia? Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform that facilitates teamwork with extensive Microsoft 365-integration, offering communication, file storage and co-authoring options.

Efficient & effective communication

Communication is key when working in a well-oiled unit. Unfortunately, communication often gets lost over time or gets very splintered as people tend to use a way of communication which suits them at that time, rather than the organisation. Luckily this is one of Microsoft Teams’ biggest strengths, as it offers multiple ways of communicating all in the same platform. Teams’ powerful search capabilities solves this issue as any information in your Teams-environment is discoverable with simple search terms.

The rigid format of an email is well and truly a thing of the past when it comes to ad hoc communication between co-workers. Microsoft Teams fully supports this with a bunch of a stickers, emojis and gifs. While these features are most definitely nice-to-haves rather than must-haves, having these features allows people to express themselves in ways that help foster a community in the organization.

Thankfully not all communication in Teams is written communication. Fully taking over the capabilities of Skype for Business and improving on them, Teams is the ideal solution for online meetings. You can host meetings with people both in and outside your organisation.

Teams is the ideal solution for online meetings. Host meetings with people both in and outside your organisation.

Increased productivity

Teams relies on both SharePoint and OneDrive for file storage which means the file sharing and co-authoring capabilities of both applications are built into Teams by default. Project leaders can use this to their advantage by assembling their teams and creating separate channels to structure the conversation. This will ensure that important information and discussions are always easily accessible to the right people.

The seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 apps allows for co-authoring in file types such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and OneNote notebooks. But that’s not all, there are tons of resources you can use from third party development studio’s such as Adobe, Trello, Jira and many more.

Teams co-authoring with Microsoft 365

Benefit from the security options in your Microsoft 365 subscription

Microsoft Teams is built on top of Microsoft's robust and secure cloud platform, providing a high level of security and compliance for its users. Teams also includes a range of security features such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and compliance with industry standards, making it a safe and secure platform for your team's collaboration and communication needs.

Overall, Microsoft Teams is a versatile and powerful collaboration tool that can help almost any organization. Perhaps its strongest feature is the ease of use. Users can navigate through the application to find the information they need or communicate with their team. There’s no real technical knowledge needed for users to customize their own teams, channels or chats. They can choose any of the hundreds of applications at their disposal to set up their own rich meeting or collaboration environment.

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