Case study

Efficient case management system

The Challenge

Given the large number of enterprises located in Genk, the city manages many cases and information requests. The department of economics is the first point of contact for all companies. All questions from existing and new companies, market vendors and other organizations, came in through different channels, which made it difficult to process all requests in a timely manner.

Within the economics department, the desire raised for an efficient system in which all info could be centralised. On the one hand to properly capture and follow up on all questions asked through the various channels, on the other hand to gain insight into all companies located within the city of Genk and their respective contact persons.

The Solution 

To provide all employees with the same information, all data from the local companies were converted into one platform that is easily accessible and has a clear and complete overview, for this we build a Model-driven Power App on top of Dataverse.

All requests and their follow-up are managed trough one single system. This enables all staff to have a complete overview in real-time so they can provide qualitative support to all companies. Since a large proportion of all questions arrived via a centralised mailbox, this mailbox was fully integrated into the application. As a result, these e-mails are immediately captured and assigned to the right person. The additional integration with MAGDA (VKBO) ensures that all authentic data and contact details of the companies located in the city of Genk are always correct and up-to-date.

The centralisation allows statistics to be retrieved on all information requests, for adjustment and more efficient follow-up into the future.

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