Why PP Component Framework?

Extend your Power Apps

Unlike HTML web resources, code components are rendered as part of the same context and loaded at the same time as any other components, providing a seamless experience for the user. 

You can create code components that can be used across the full breadth of Power Apps capabilities, and reuse these components many times across different tables and forms. 

Benefits of Power Platform Component Framework


Enhanced User Experience

If the standard functionalities or visualisations in Power Apps does not meet the business needs, you can solve this with code component.



Once created, your PCF component can be (re)used in different Power Apps. 


Easy access to data and device features

Access to a rich set of framework APIs that expose capabilities like component lifecycle management, contextual data, and metadata but also device features such as camera or microphone.



The Power Apps Component Framework allows to efficiently update the UI of an app, fetch data early, and cache dependencies for performance and offline support.  

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